Humanity – The Key to Human Success

Dear You,
Yes You!
Even though there are other activities that you could blissfully be basking in right now — like watching the Olympics or tending to your overgrowing tomato garden in the backyard — I’d like to say thank you for continuing to read this ongoing sentence that seemingly goes nowhere, but if you continue reading, you’ll see it actually goes….nowhere. 
Now that we have that completely irrelevant fact established, I’d like to give you some content I actually find valuable and believe you will too.
Surprisingly, I’ve been given the opportunity to utilize my college degree, and I’ve been editing and writing for the author Bud Heath who has composed several books with fervent creativity. I’m very excited to announce that the short philosophical book Humantics is now available to order as an ebook online. If you have any passion to take a break from pruning the weeds from your garden and relax your eyes on some pixelated print, then I suggest you order a copy right now.
Honestly, I would greatly appreciate your support and feedback of the book.
The topic is that of human success, or lack thereof.
Please click the link below for an overview.Image

2 thoughts on “Humanity – The Key to Human Success

  1. This book really got me thinking about life and how every little thing matters. This was the first book I have read in a long time as I usually listen to audiobooks because I don’t have much free time. I read it in less than a week!

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