Personal Thank-Yous

Somewhere amidst the excitement of publishing our new book Humantics, we forgot to thank the people who have contributed to its success!

Photo Credit: World Risk Day

Starting as an idea and blossoming into a completed text, the human-success based philosophy could never have reached fruition without the connections we’ve made, original book reviewers and consistent raving fans who support our vision.


Channell HolmgrenPersonal Trainer and Emerging Motivational Speaker

Mrs. Holmgren serves as the main connector between the author Bud Heath and the editor Bethany Michaels, leading to the finished piece and publication of the book. Her encouragement during the entire revision process of Humantics has helped both editor and author maintain endurance mentally and keep their eyes on the main goal: the finished draft which aims to help others attain peace and success. To celebrate, these three musketeers are headed to Hawaii in October.

Ted TitmusLifeSaver CEO and personal friend

Ted shares in the same vision we do: to help man-kind. He has obliged to read Humantics and write his personal review on our publishing site, Smashwords.

  • His company provides LifeSaver Stiks®, the only saliva based tests in the world that positively verifies that the test has been completed correctly; eliminating the risk of false negatives. He has a vision to help reduce disease and illness with ultimate convenience and ease.

Travis HellstromAdvance Humanity Founder

We connected with Mr. Hellstrom through the internet who shared a mutual desire to help inspire a more humane world around us. He has agreed to read Humantics and we can’t wait to hear his feedback!

Book Reviewers

Thank you sincerely to the people who originally reviewed the first draft of Humantics. Without their hawk eyes to catch the sea of discrepancies, the book would be filled with an ocean of errors and oddities.

Lisa and David Stevenson – Parents of the editor and constant providers of unfailing love

Nicole BrittainReal Estate Specialist and long time friend of editor

Colin Hunter – Friend of the editor and advocate for human rights

Janet Bowen – Avid reader and friend

Darryl Ray – Friend of the editor, inspired to bring attention to the atrocities in the world through an upcoming documentary on homeless children. Ask him for more details if you’re interested in supporting this cause.


There are those people who are motivated and mindful that have recently hopped on the band wagon to help support Humantics and spread the word. Thank you for the RT’s on Twitter & social media to help spread the word.

Phillip Turner – Leader and Manager with impactful and insightful tips. Check out his blog if you want to get motivated!

Kodjo – Inspiring Health and Fitness Advocate. He’ll kick you into high gear if you’re ready for the challenge! READ MORE.


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