Human Success

Until more cyborgs inhabit our society, Humantics will remain an advocate and aspirationist (yes we made that word up) of human success.

Take for example, a short except from Humantics:

Success in any endeavor is an improvement over the past and a step toward a more favorable future. If we achieve something better, we have made ourselves, our society, and our future better. Only then are we truly successful.”

Just some food for thought for today. What thing can you pinpoint to focus on that needs improving?

  • Your eating habits? (Should I have chocolate for lunch again?)
  • Your work-out routine?
  • Your sleep schedule?
  • Your YOU time? (Gardening, schedule a massage, regenerating activity)
  • Your fashion sense? (Never know when you may run into that one person)

By improving at least one aspect of your life – you’ll feel better – which will lead to greater success on a personal level that could easily spill over the edge to affect the greater whole of society.
To learn more about mastering the art of human success, you can read Humantics online or download it to your smartphone via Kindle.


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