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Bud Heath’s new philosophical book Humantics is creating some big buzz within the reading community. Now available on Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, you can get your own copy today! Write your own review here.

What readers are saying:

“At the end of this meditative book the author closes with a statement that glows with philosophical beauty: `There exists a simple and infallible constant in the world: The undeniable importance and worth of human existence.’ It is difficult to read this book without realizing that the future CAN be one of peace and security, and what is needed now more than that concept?”

– Grady Harp, Amazon Top 30 Reviewer


“‘HUMANTICS.’ I had never heard the term before but it was the sub-head ‘The Key to Human Success’ that intrigued me enough to order a copy. Best move I ever made! The book from the very first chapter right through the last, is chock full of useful, interesting ideas that makes it easy for anyone to improve the quality of their lives. Each of the 22 chapters is short and to the point and even more important, inspiring. The basic message here is simple…..War is Never The Answer, Peace is!…and that’s been true throughout history. Each chapter closes with quotations from philosophers, authors, artists…each one illustrating the chapter’s important message. Bud Heath, the author is adept in overcoming hardship. He has persevered through poverty and stricken youth and in writing these thought provoking ideas in a unique style offers simple laws to common humanity. And then shows you how to implement them into your daily life. My favorite chapters include Humantics Proof of God’s Existence and an easy to follow Plan For Peace. Heath’s co-author, editor in chief and publisher of HUMANTICS is Bethany Michaels and is responsible for making this book a must read.”

-Fred Broitman, author of  How to Become a Mail Order Millionare


I enjoyed reading the book, it was short but very thought provoking. I agree with Mr. Heath in that we should put respect for other humans first, and that his solution for world peace has to come from that premise. He is basically telling us what most sensible people think. Perhaps the first thing he should do is send a copy to all the politicians. Having someone run for presidency who admits he doesn’t care about almost half of his fellow countrymen does not fit in with Mr. Heath’s simple philosophy, and nor should it. I would encourage other readers to purchase this book, if only to think for a little. Life is basically simple but we do screw it up.

-Peter C. Bradbury, author of the suspense story Prospects


“Norbet Platt once said, “The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life… ” This statement could not ring more true than it does in Bud Heath’s “Humantics”. A quick read that will leave one deep in thought about the possibilities of world peace for days, even weeks later.”

Darryl Ray, Entrepreneur


“I recently had the opportunity to read Humantics and thought it was very well done. There is absolutely nothing negative which can come from each person pausing to consider the impact they have on all that happens around them. I appreciated the thought provoking analogies which made the authors concepts and suggestions easy to understand. Given the current state of the economy, politics and the world in general, it is hard to believe that peace and harmony could be achieved. Yet Bud Heath makes a strong case that it can. Overall it was a quick and easy read. I recommend taking the time to download it and prayerfully consider the suggestions and implications of applying these concepts to your daily life. Well done.”

Aaron Conrad


“”I applaud Bud’s work to try to bring together people all over the world to help others and make the world a more peaceful place. I wish him every success in working together with others to really advance humanity.”

-Travis Hellstrom, Advance Humanity


“Humanitics gives the reader a fresh viewpoint of looking at the world. Most people in power look to resolve conflicts by violent means first without a thought to peaceful resolutions. Promoting world peace requires individuals to look for inner peace, a lesson that should heeded by those in possession of authority.”

-Dave Stevenson, Amazon Reviewer


“Bud Heath has a philosophy that most anyone will find true to life. His experiences and suggestions can make for a more peaceful world. Heath rises to the challenge with true insight and shares his beliefs that you can incorporate into your everday life. His book was easy to read and is a positive addition to any book collection or library. I look forward to future books and topics by this author.”

-Lisa Stevenson, Amazon Reviewer


“I enjoyed this because I am in a difficult time in my life and it showed me a path of interest and a way of life.”

-Edward, Amazon Reviewer


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