Kindle 90 Days Option

We recently had a reader ask the question:

“How do I list my book for free on kindle when I give them the 90 days Amazon only option. I can’t find any instructions.”


1. Go to Amazon KDP homepage and sign in.

2. You then will be taken to your dashboard. Click the “Add new title” button.

3. You now have the option to check “enroll this book in KDP Select” as seen here:

Still need help? Check out their Help Topics page or contact Amazon’s support team directly.


How to Self Publish an eBook with Amazon

Ok, so you just wrote a book and now you’re antsy to get it into the hands of readers across the globe – fast.

With our new ebook Humantics, we ran into some hurdles that impeded our publishing speed –  that’s why we’ve created this simple to follow guide to give you the proper tools to avoid obstacles and keep you light on your publishing toes.

First thing’s first. We’ve answered some FAQ’s that arose during the publishing process so you don’t have to:


1. Do I need an ISBN to self publish my ebook on Amazon?

You DO NOT need an ISBN to publish to Amazon. Once you publish your book, Amazon will assign it a 10-digit Amazon ID # unique to the ebook. If you already have an ISBN, you will be able to enter it during the publishing process. Read more here.

2. Do I need a barcode to self publish my ebook on Amazon?

You DO NOT need a barcode to publish your ebook but you WILL need one if you want to sell it in bookstores and make it available to libraries and bookstores like Barnes & Noble. The largest book retailers, as well as many book wholesalers, require books with a bar code graphic symbol that displays the ISBN.

3. What website do I use to self publish my ebook?

Simple, just CLICK HERE to be directed to Amazon Kindle Direct.

4. What are the royalties like on Amazon?

As of December 30, 2011 you can choose between the 35% royalty or 70% royalty program. Both have pros and cons, but you can pick the rate that will suit you the best by READING MORE HERE.

5. How should I price my ebook?

According to one of the most well-known online self-publishing companies, Lulu suggests that authors who price their e-books in the 99 cent to $2.99 range “sell more units and earn more revenue than those in any other price range.” We’ve noticed some authors making their ebooks available for 99 cents. Although that may bring in more downloads, if you’re interested in earning income, you may want to reconsider a higher price point.

After you publish your book and provide a graphic image for the cover, you will be given a custom URL which features your book, an option for customers to review the book, and general information such as price, page numbers, etc. EXAMPLE:

Now what are you waiting for? Get into gear and get to publishing! We’ll see you at the finish line.

Human Success

Until more cyborgs inhabit our society, Humantics will remain an advocate and aspirationist (yes we made that word up) of human success.

Take for example, a short except from Humantics:

Success in any endeavor is an improvement over the past and a step toward a more favorable future. If we achieve something better, we have made ourselves, our society, and our future better. Only then are we truly successful.”

Just some food for thought for today. What thing can you pinpoint to focus on that needs improving?

  • Your eating habits? (Should I have chocolate for lunch again?)
  • Your work-out routine?
  • Your sleep schedule?
  • Your YOU time? (Gardening, schedule a massage, regenerating activity)
  • Your fashion sense? (Never know when you may run into that one person)

By improving at least one aspect of your life – you’ll feel better – which will lead to greater success on a personal level that could easily spill over the edge to affect the greater whole of society.
To learn more about mastering the art of human success, you can read Humantics online or download it to your smartphone via Kindle.

Personal Thank-Yous

Somewhere amidst the excitement of publishing our new book Humantics, we forgot to thank the people who have contributed to its success!

Photo Credit: World Risk Day

Starting as an idea and blossoming into a completed text, the human-success based philosophy could never have reached fruition without the connections we’ve made, original book reviewers and consistent raving fans who support our vision.


Channell HolmgrenPersonal Trainer and Emerging Motivational Speaker

Mrs. Holmgren serves as the main connector between the author Bud Heath and the editor Bethany Michaels, leading to the finished piece and publication of the book. Her encouragement during the entire revision process of Humantics has helped both editor and author maintain endurance mentally and keep their eyes on the main goal: the finished draft which aims to help others attain peace and success. To celebrate, these three musketeers are headed to Hawaii in October.

Ted TitmusLifeSaver CEO and personal friend

Ted shares in the same vision we do: to help man-kind. He has obliged to read Humantics and write his personal review on our publishing site, Smashwords.

  • His company provides LifeSaver Stiks®, the only saliva based tests in the world that positively verifies that the test has been completed correctly; eliminating the risk of false negatives. He has a vision to help reduce disease and illness with ultimate convenience and ease.

Travis HellstromAdvance Humanity Founder

We connected with Mr. Hellstrom through the internet who shared a mutual desire to help inspire a more humane world around us. He has agreed to read Humantics and we can’t wait to hear his feedback!

Book Reviewers

Thank you sincerely to the people who originally reviewed the first draft of Humantics. Without their hawk eyes to catch the sea of discrepancies, the book would be filled with an ocean of errors and oddities.

Lisa and David Stevenson – Parents of the editor and constant providers of unfailing love

Nicole BrittainReal Estate Specialist and long time friend of editor

Colin Hunter – Friend of the editor and advocate for human rights

Janet Bowen – Avid reader and friend

Darryl Ray – Friend of the editor, inspired to bring attention to the atrocities in the world through an upcoming documentary on homeless children. Ask him for more details if you’re interested in supporting this cause.


There are those people who are motivated and mindful that have recently hopped on the band wagon to help support Humantics and spread the word. Thank you for the RT’s on Twitter & social media to help spread the word.

Phillip Turner – Leader and Manager with impactful and insightful tips. Check out his blog if you want to get motivated!

Kodjo – Inspiring Health and Fitness Advocate. He’ll kick you into high gear if you’re ready for the challenge! READ MORE.

Humanity – The Key to Human Success

Dear You,
Yes You!
Even though there are other activities that you could blissfully be basking in right now — like watching the Olympics or tending to your overgrowing tomato garden in the backyard — I’d like to say thank you for continuing to read this ongoing sentence that seemingly goes nowhere, but if you continue reading, you’ll see it actually goes….nowhere. 
Now that we have that completely irrelevant fact established, I’d like to give you some content I actually find valuable and believe you will too.
Surprisingly, I’ve been given the opportunity to utilize my college degree, and I’ve been editing and writing for the author Bud Heath who has composed several books with fervent creativity. I’m very excited to announce that the short philosophical book Humantics is now available to order as an ebook online. If you have any passion to take a break from pruning the weeds from your garden and relax your eyes on some pixelated print, then I suggest you order a copy right now.
Honestly, I would greatly appreciate your support and feedback of the book.
The topic is that of human success, or lack thereof.
Please click the link below for an overview.Image