Simplest, Cheapest, Fastest Way to Publish Your eBook

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You have just finished your masterpiece, anxious to share your ideas with the world. You’ve told friends, colleagues, and those you love, but you still have one last thing to cross off your to-do list, and it happens to be the most important aspect of authorship. What could this critical task be? Well, publishing your book of course!

Considering our independent publishing company  invests countless hours sorting through and researching the topic of publication and writing each week; we have concluded that the cheapest, easiest, and quickest way to get your e-publication into the hands of readers is through the services of Smashwords and KDP (kindle direct publishing) on Amazon.

1) Create Your Smashwords eBook Smashwords_Humantics

Creating a FREE account is easy with Smashwords. Just go to their webpage and click their “join for free” button. You’ll fill out general information and be on your way to publishing your book. If you run into any issues with the formatting of your book, they offer a FREE and simple to use formatting guide. Sometimes as authors, we don’t take into consideration the technicality of indention, illustrations, and other tricky formatting techniques, so this will definitely help.


  • FREE to publish!
  • You keep 90% and Smashwords keeps only 10% of sales, one of the lowest on the web
  • FREE formatting guide
  • FREE ISBN (typically they run $25 a piece)
  • Readers can download for Kindle, Apple/iPad and iBooks/Nook, and as a PDF
  • Receive your personal domain to promote (click here to see our eBook Humantics on Smashwords for a preview)

2) Create Your eBook on Amazon For a complete guide and answers to FAQ’s of publishing on Amazon, read our post “How to Publish an eBook with Amazon.”

So how much does this way of publishing your eBook cost you?

$0 for Smashwords

$0 for Amazon (which will distribute to Barnes and Noble eBooks for FREE in addition)



Not bad huh?!  If you’re looking for REAL success in the book world, you may want to consider investing more time and (unfortunately) money into your project. But by self-publishing on Amazon and Smashwords, you can take your book for a test drive on the road to sales. Remember, you’ll want to build up your social networks to promote your newly published eBook. Also, write up an e-mail and send to friends and family, asking for their help to forward on, in help with the “big push” of your book. Good luck, writer!

-Bethany and Buddy

Bethany Michaels     Bud Heath


Self Publishing Plan for Authors

Distractions are everywhere. Every day. We have our mind-set to complete a task, and then: the phone rings, we are bombarded by our own thoughts and lose focus, or something else pops up and provokes our attention to divert. There have been so many times during our own self publishing process when we’ve lost focus or have found ourselves at a dead-end with no compass. But even in those times of seemingly inescapable aimlessness, we have found our way back to clarity by creating and implementing a plan.

Instead of publishing your book first and then frantically running around trying to promote it like a chicken with his head cut off, you must take precautionary steps beforehand. (Believe us…we were that chicken after we published our first book Humantics.) You’ll be setting yourself up for a frenzied failure if you think that you can publish a book with no plan to spread the word.

There are several things you’ll want to assess to create your own plan:

1. WHO is my target audience?

We recommend you read the Marketing Persona post by the marketing company Plum11 to help you find your target audience.

Plum11: Marketing Personas


2. WHAT is my social media presence like?

If you’re asking, “what is social media?” then you really need to step your game up and leverage the free platforms that are available to you like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to name a few. Also, connect with people you know on Linked In, join a writer/author group on the web to support each other and share stories.  Use the web to share short quotes, snippets, ideas, etc. from your book to engage your audience and invite them to read your book. The more active you are, the more connections you can make. We’ve met some wonderful people through Twitter/Facebook/Linked In who have reviewed our book and helped spread the word.


3. WHERE can you find me on the web?

One of the most disappointing things an author/self-publisher can do is fail to offer information on how you can contact them. People like transparency. People want to know the person behind the words. Include a professional picture in your author biography on Amazon like this:

Make sure that your profiles are updated on all your social networks with your picture. If you have a website or blog, make sure to include information about yourself, a picture and contact information.


4. WHEN is the BEST time to publish my book?

If you’re writing a book about gratitude and well-being, you may want to schedule your book to debut in early November and promote it as the “perfect Thanksgiving gift.” Or if you’re planning to publish a children’s book, think about launching in before Christmas and promote it as the “perfect stocking stuffer” to go along with your kid’s Kindle. You can use your book genre to determine when would be the best time to publish. For example, with our next book 30 Seconds to Health, Wealth and Happiness, we are planning to publish it just before the new year, when people have their mind-set on making new resolutions and shedding their old ways. 


5. WHY am I publishing this book?

Some authors and self publishers never really pinpoint WHY exactly they want to publish their book. Of course one reason may be to acquire revenue…and that’s a very good reason! When you have readable material, you will have much greater chances of making money off of your publication. But that can’t be the only reason you want to share your ideas with the world. Do you want to publish your book to help others with an ailment that you’ve overcome and seen success with? Do you want to publish your book to gain popularity and instant success? If so, you are probably in the wrong industry. Think about WHY you want to publish your book, then capitalize on that idea and use it to appeal to your readers, not to “sell” them something.


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Beer is Proof that God Loves Us

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

-Benjamin Franklin

 The wise words of Benjamin Franklin still ring true today. There’s just something to be said a about an icy glass of brewed beer, beckoning the corners of your mouth  to rise in an upward slant. And with recent studies, there may be even more reasons to smile.

  • More than 100 studies also show that moderate beer drinking trims risk of heart attacks and dying from cardiovascular disease by 25 to 40 percent, according to Harvard research. Notice the key word, moderate.
  • It can build stronger bones! Research suggests pale ale is best, as it is richest in silicon (and linked to bone health).
  • Forget me not: Some studies prove that a beer a day can help with preventing Alzheimer’s Disease as it  lowered their risk of mental decline by as much as 20%.

Source: Fast Company

Although there are many risks with drinking, and you are urged to consume its deliciousness with utmost responsibility, there are many benefits to offset the negative buzz it has been notorious for.


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Kindle 90 Days Option

We recently had a reader ask the question:

“How do I list my book for free on kindle when I give them the 90 days Amazon only option. I can’t find any instructions.”


1. Go to Amazon KDP homepage and sign in.

2. You then will be taken to your dashboard. Click the “Add new title” button.

3. You now have the option to check “enroll this book in KDP Select” as seen here:

Still need help? Check out their Help Topics page or contact Amazon’s support team directly.

How to Self Publish an eBook with Amazon

Ok, so you just wrote a book and now you’re antsy to get it into the hands of readers across the globe – fast.

With our new ebook Humantics, we ran into some hurdles that impeded our publishing speed –  that’s why we’ve created this simple to follow guide to give you the proper tools to avoid obstacles and keep you light on your publishing toes.

First thing’s first. We’ve answered some FAQ’s that arose during the publishing process so you don’t have to:


1. Do I need an ISBN to self publish my ebook on Amazon?

You DO NOT need an ISBN to publish to Amazon. Once you publish your book, Amazon will assign it a 10-digit Amazon ID # unique to the ebook. If you already have an ISBN, you will be able to enter it during the publishing process. Read more here.

2. Do I need a barcode to self publish my ebook on Amazon?

You DO NOT need a barcode to publish your ebook but you WILL need one if you want to sell it in bookstores and make it available to libraries and bookstores like Barnes & Noble. The largest book retailers, as well as many book wholesalers, require books with a bar code graphic symbol that displays the ISBN.

3. What website do I use to self publish my ebook?

Simple, just CLICK HERE to be directed to Amazon Kindle Direct.

4. What are the royalties like on Amazon?

As of December 30, 2011 you can choose between the 35% royalty or 70% royalty program. Both have pros and cons, but you can pick the rate that will suit you the best by READING MORE HERE.

5. How should I price my ebook?

According to one of the most well-known online self-publishing companies, Lulu suggests that authors who price their e-books in the 99 cent to $2.99 range “sell more units and earn more revenue than those in any other price range.” We’ve noticed some authors making their ebooks available for 99 cents. Although that may bring in more downloads, if you’re interested in earning income, you may want to reconsider a higher price point.

After you publish your book and provide a graphic image for the cover, you will be given a custom URL which features your book, an option for customers to review the book, and general information such as price, page numbers, etc. EXAMPLE:

Now what are you waiting for? Get into gear and get to publishing! We’ll see you at the finish line.